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Listen and Learn Series

Tasmania has set itself the goal of having the healthiest population in Australia by 2025.

Learn how YOU can help us achieve this goal. Join us for a series of free online sessions.

Each 90-minute session in this six part series will explore how you and your organisation can help Tasmanians live longer and healthier lives.

Each session will include:

  • local insights from specialist presenters
  • question and answer sessions
  • in-depth group discussions
  • practical ideas you can use to promote health and wellbeing.

Join Healthy Tasmania and our host Leigh Arnold for this compelling series.

Limited places, so registration is a must.

Session details

SESSION 1:  Wednesday 16 September, 12:30 to 2:00 pm - Solutions in current times  >

How are we meeting the health and wellbeing needs of Tasmanians during COVID-19? What are services doing to support all Tasmanians, especially those at risk of poorer health outcomes? What challenges have we faced? What is working well? What have we learnt? And what happens next?

Discuss these and other important questions with these insightful speakers:

  • Lynn Jarvis: CEO, Working It Out will speak about responding to the social, practical and emotional needs of the LGBTIQ+ community during the pandemic.
  • Elizabeth Mahnken: Priority Populations Officer, Public Health Services will share strategies for communicating and engaging with a diverse range of people, including insights from the Migrant Support Network.

Session 1 Output and Resources available at Department of Health, Listen and Learn Series

SESSION 2:  Wednesday 14 October, 12:30 to 2:00 pm - Wellbeing in our work - ways to embed mental health promotion and prevention  >

How can we do more to promote mental health and wellbeing in our work? What resources are out there? What strategies can we use?  Discuss these and other questions with these astute speakers:

  • Suzanne Schulz: Community Planning and Development Officer at Clarence City Council will speak about ‘My Wellbeing Kit’, a tool that has been developed to build resilience and support mental wellbeing.
  • Dr Astrid Wootton: CEO, Flourish Tasmania, will share evidence-informed ways to support positive mental health wherever we might work. Astrid will explore trauma informed practice, and tips to maintain wellbeing.

Session 2 Output and Resources available at Department of Health, Listen and Learn Series

SESSION 3:  Wednesday 28 October, 12:30 to 2:00 pm - Strong partnerships - working from a partnerships model  >

Are you getting the most from your professional partnerships? Want to know the ingredients for forming and sustaining successful partnerships so that you can improve how you help others? Drawing on strong local examples and proven strategies, these knowledgeable speakers will give you valuable insights and useable tactics for getting results:

  • Helen Manser: Manager, Jordan River Services will speak about establishing the Waterbridge Food Co-op – an example of what can happen when partnerships are working and sustainable. Helen will share some of the challenges and lessons about this process.
  • Hayley Tristram: Health Promotion Consultant, Tasmanian Health Service, will share evidence and strategies about creating, forming and maintaining effective partnerships. Hayley will talk about why partnerships matter.

Session 3 Output and Resources available at Department of Health, Listen and Learn Series

SESSION 4:  Wednesday 11 November, 12:30 to 2:00 pm - Engaging with community - working with communities in planning, designing and doing  >

Communities are at the heart of making Tasmania the healthiest population in Australia by 2025. But how do we get everyone involved? Join two experienced community connectors as they share insights, challenges and practical tips on how best to reach the wide range of people that make up our Tasmanian communities.

  • Leez Robertson: Program Manager, Womensport and Recreation Tasmania will talk about the long running Get Active Program that has worked with many groups throughout Tasmania.  Hear about how the program has adapted and evolved to reach and respond to communities.
  • Denise Delphin: Manager, Northern Suburbs Community Centre will draw on years of experience building community. Denise will talk about why working with communities is important, and tips to nurture community strengths.

Session 4 Output and Resources available at Department of Health, Listen and Learn Series

SESSION 5:  Wednesday 25 November, 12:30 to 2:00 pm - Telling Your Story  >

Storytelling is powerful for connecting humans and creating change. Learn more about why telling stories matters, different approaches for creating compelling stories, and tips for crafting your own stories.

Session 5 Output and Resources available at Department of Health, Listen and Learn Series

SESSION 6: Wednesday 9 December, 12:30 to 2:00 pm - Seeing The Big Picture - working in a systems thinking way  >

Inspiring all Tasmanians to get healthy requires big picture thinking. The Island Project is a standout example of a largescale, innovative project that is addressing a significant health issue in Tasmania.  Hear more about the research, education and prevention approach behind this project so you can help to inspire a healthier community in your own work.

Consider how you can apply systems-thinking and strategies in your work.

Session 6 Output and Resources available at Department of Health, Listen and Learn Series

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