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Healthy Tasmania Community Forum

Healthy Tasmania Community Forum Sharing Wall

Community and government representatives came together for the 2019 Healthy Tasmania Community Forum to celebrate work being achieved under the Healthy Tasmania Strategy. The forum allowed attendees to share ideas about health and wellbeing.

Organisations shared stories, achievements and described opportunities based on their community-based health and wellbeing projects.

Keynote presenters shared their research into the factors that influence community health and wellbeing. Speakers challenged forum participants to think differently about health and wellbeing, highlighting the need for collaboration across government sectors and partnerships within communities.

Forum participants discussed the barriers and enablers for health in Tasmania which will inform the future work of Healthy Tasmania. View the full presentations and discussion themes at Healthy Tasmania.

Highlights and themes were shared the following day at events hosted by the Premier’s Health and Wellbeing Advisory Council (PHWAC). The Premier signed the Tasmanian Statement, a commitment which considers the long-term solutions to address the social and economic factors that influence health. For more information, including the Tasmanian Statement, visit Premier’s Health and Wellbeing Advisory Council


  • Healthy Tasmania Community Forum Sharing Wall (above)
  • Professor Billie Giles-Corti presenting at the Healthy Tasmania Community Forum (below)

Guests at the Healthy Tasmania Community Forum listening to a keynote presentation from Professor Billie Giles-Corti.